Now Landing: Birdathon 2021

April and May mark the advent of Birdathon, the San Fernando Valley Audubon Society’s major annual fund-raising event. Once again, we have a dedicated team of leaders who will ask for our pledges of support based on the number of bird species they can spot during their outing.  Click HERE to see the schedule of SFVAS Birdathon outings, the names of the team leaders, the time and location of their event and the expected number of species to be seen. And, of course, the chance to make your pledge or stand-alone donation.

For some of the outings, we’ll show the email address for the Team leader.  In these cases, the leaders are open to including a limited number of attendees, with everyone observing standard Covid-19 precautions. Like all our avian outings, a Birdathon walk is a great outdoor experience, plus the opportunity to add to the species count and thereby to the donations received by SFVAS.

Birdathon is the major support for our Sepulveda Basin Environmental Education Program. SBEEP works with the Resource Conservation District of Santa Monica Mountains (RCDSMM) to provide teacher training and field trips for grade-school children to the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve. This year, the pandemic has shut down almost all such field trips. However, we have diverted much of this resource to supporting online materials to reach this same population until we can meet again, in person.

Please help by participating in Birdathon 2021 any way you can.