Blue Grosbeak 00004-SFVAS
Common Yellowthroat 00002-SFVAS
Lazuli Bunting 00003-SFVAS
Western Bluebird 00001-SFVAS
White Pelican 00005-SFVAS

Join us for our annual potluck!

SFVAS EXTRAORDINARY POTLUCK JOIN US FOR THIS FUN-FILLED ANNUAL EVENT Thursday, June 25, 2015, 7:00-8:50 p.m. Encino Community Center Be prepared to: • Bring a dish to share • Play games and maybe win a prize • Meet fellow birders and share great food • Bring or enjoy others’ slides* In keeping with our interest
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Chatsworth Nature Preserve Ecology Pond drying up!!

We are approaching a serious emergency with the Ecology Pond at Chatsworth Nature Preserve.  The pond is close to drying up, and DWP has thus far refused to provide any make-up water under the guise of the drought.  Please review the attached flyer being distributed by area residents.  We need to contact DWP managers and
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Phainopepla Club Submissions Due June 18

If you have taken up the challenge to bird L.A. County for the 12 months from July 2014 to June 2015 and log your sightings onto eBird, please send in your species count report to Diana Keeney at SFVAS, PO Box 7769, Van Nuys, CA 91409, or email to   If you have recorded
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Just Sit Back and Bird! by Jeanne Kolasz

Saturday, May 9 was great weather for the “Big Sit” Birdathon event at the Sepulveda Basin. Jeanne Polak- Recht and Linda Jones were both there to lead the event. Jeanne reports sightings of 21 species. Eight people were there to sit on chairs or cushions or the ground to enjoy nature and wait for birds
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Exploring the wilds of Los Angeles with bird-watcher Scott Logan

Saturday, May 2nd marked Bird LA Day – a citywide celebration of all things birds, with nature walks, a bird sketching workshop and a picnic along the LA River. I met up with birding enthusiast Scott Logan at Franklin Canyon Park, located in a beautiful canyon above Beverly Hills, in the eastern part of the Santa Monica Mountains. “All
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Let’s Go Native!!

There will be a free garden show entitled “Let’s Go Native” on May 17th from 10 to 5 at the Tarzana Community Center, 19130 Ventura Blvd (corner of Vanalden).  Alan Pollack, our Audubon-at-Home chair, will be tabling there with lots of information to hand out and giving his somewhat curtailed slide show/lecture entitled “Restoring Habitat, One Yard at a Time”
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Birders On The Move by Jeanne Kolasz

It was a busy day for Mark Osokow and his Birdathon group! They began at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory, where the highlight was an American Pipit. From there they traveled to Sage Ranch, Chatsworth Oaks Park, Chatsworth Hills Reserve, and Brown’s Canyon. The group was able to view a colony of Great Egrets in
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PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE by presenter: Steven L. Hartman

SEPULVEDA BASIN WILDLIFE AREAS May 12 ·  7:30 – 9:00pm PAST PRESENT AND FUTURE The Sepulveda Basin is the home of a Wildlife Area with an 11-acre lake, the Bull Creek Ecological Restoration Area, one of only 3 soft-bottomed portions of the Los Angeles River, Encino Creek, Woodley Creek, Hayvenhurst Creek, and Lake Balboa. The Sepulveda
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Art Langton reports from the field.

Flying Solo Along Highway 33 Art Langton reports that he stopped at eight locations along Highway 33 from Ventura Marina to Ozena Station for his solo birdathon event on April 29. If McGrath State Park had not been closed due to flooding from the Santa Clara River estuary, it would have been nine! Among the
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