SFVAudubon Conservation Voting Guide, 2016

Yes on Prop. 67 San Fernando Valley Audubon Society heartily endorses a YES vote on California's Proposition 67, Your vote will reaffirm Californians' desire for a statewide ban on single-use plastic bags.  Plastic bag manufacturers are doing everything they can to frustrate the will of the People -- and we understand that. Selling

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New SFVAS.ORG feature: Alan’s Blog

Alan Pollack, SFVAS board member and Audubon At Home maven, has been blogging for years — he just didn’t realize it. As of now, his Phainopepla posts are available for reading (and learning) at his official blog here on the site. Check it out!

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SFVAS Responds to DWP Ground Water Replenishment Project’s Draft EIR

The City of Los Angeles recently completed the public comment period regarding the Draft Environmental Impact Statement for the Groundwater Replenishment Project, which seeks to take advanced purified waste water from the Tillman Water Reclamation Plant and deliver it to East Valley Spreading Grounds.  SFVAS has submitted these comments on

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Renovated Park Re-Opens in Burbank

Johnny Carson Park is one of the largest and most utilized parks within the City of Burbank. Throughout the Park's history, the site has lost and gained several acres. Currently, the Park stands at 17.60 acres and approximately 8.75 acres of the Park are City-owned. The Park also provides extensive

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AngelFestMeet (1328 x 747)


Good turnout for a community meeting! An impressive number of anti-Angelfest advocates showed up at the Balboa Recreational Center on Tuesday, May 10. They knew they’d hear promoters present their pitch for the festival. Since we live in a democracy, they also expected to be allowed to speak in opposition. Imagine

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An Open Letter to Colonel Gibbs of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers

Col. Gibbs,  It has come to my attention that Make Good Group has recently been soliciting their clients, friends, and supporters, from near and far, to send you letters regarding their conservation credentials.  Of course that is their right and privilege. I’m sure you  surmise that many (most?) of those who

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Woodley Creative Commons (600 x 337)

Hurry — Angelfest At a Tipping Point!

Angelfest 2017 is still not a "done deal," but it's getting closer! Many concerned citizens believe the cancellation of Angelfest 2016 means, "Problem Solved." That mindset works in the festival promoters’ favor. They're putting a full-court press on the Army Corps of Engineers to waive its policies concerning huge crowds in the Sepulveda

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Angelfest 2016 Postponed — the Fight Will Continue

Good news. Plans for Angelfest have been scrapped for October 2016. The marketing company that hoped to bring 65,000 people a day to the area surrounding the Sepulveda Wildlife Reserve has announced plans to try again next year, but of course none of the environmental concerns will be any different

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It’s Birdathon Time! What’s a Birdathon?

Join the annual SFVAS Birdathon as we put “fun” in fundraiser! April and May dates are scheduled for Birdathon leaders trying to improve on their last year’s count and competing with each other to see who identifies the most species. Everyone is a winner when SFVAS has the funding to

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Drones In The Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve — the Next Chapter and A Call to Action!

Saturday, 2/20, late afternoon a recently-hatched great horned owlet was found in bad shape at the base of the nesting tree. Unfortunately it did not survive. This tree is adjacent to where most drone flying in the Basin has been taking place. While emphasizing that we can’t prove there’s a

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